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Just a video I found while perusing through Youtube…

What’s Awful? Well for one this is clearly being performed in someones house. With kids running around in the background. Odds are none of this equipment has been properly sterilized nor has the room or the thing the girl is laying on. This man is literally holding this poor girl down so she can get the “tattoo shes always wanted”

Why its Awful? Unsterilized equipment is a breeding ground of disease. Getting a home job invites someone to all the airborne germs in the room. Plus chances are its going to turn out as a b.s tattoo. Also she’s more than capable of legally getting a tattoo due to her age but doesn’t… Unbelievable.

How it can be fixed? Get yourself checked out for any diseases… and then hopefully when you’re able to make the right decision get yourself a coverup for that probably wonky tat..

Seriously? Holy shit. If you have to be held down while writhing around in pain getting tattooed, you probably should never be tattooed again.

Okay…..besides the things mentioned above……..tattoos arent the kind of pain where you feel the need to actually scream. Get a life. Also…thats her DAD holding her down….great parenting white trash.

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